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Mid-Ohio Balloon Adventures, LLC, Mount Gilead, OH                                                                  (419) 560-7535
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Stay at one of
our local
Bed & Breakfasts!
A unique record of your ballooning experience can be purchased which includes still photos and
video footage from both the air and ground.  A GoPro camera is placed on the uprights of the basket to
give a bird’s-eye view of your flight, plus still photos and videos are taken from the ground level.   All still
photos and videos are combined into one DVD (complete with background music) of your entire balloon
experience, from start to finish!   The editing process takes around 2 – 3 days and the finished DVD will
be mailed out to an address provided by you.   It is well worth the wait!  

The best part is...all still photos captured from your flight are FREE and can be downloaded from our
website  You will be able to use these photos to send to your friends and family via facebook, email,  
travel blogs, and even put them on Christmas cards!
A DVD of your  
unique ballooning  
experience can be
purchased for